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A stunning health crisis only further fuels Ella Sheridan’s wounded spirit. Now, the nation will learn of yet another setback for the daughter of the first female vice president. Ignoring strict security mandates against commercial travel, Ella books herself on a flight to Los Angeles to share her difficult news with a trusted friend. An undeniably fateful encounter with a handsome photographer onboard rocks Ella to her core. In the midst of her personal crisis, the intense attraction to Dezi is too potent for either to ignore. On the brink of a spontaneously romantic breakthrough, a ruthless plot for vengeance takes shape.

A damaged child has grown into an obsessed vigilante. Ahmed blames the death of his parents on the rising star in American politics. Unwittingly, her daughter has become the perfect pawn to lure out his mortal enemy. Will a woman who has clawed her way to the White House follow protocol, or her heart, when she learns her daughter is in mortal danger?

And, can Ella and Dezi’s fragile new passion survive both a frightening illness and worse, a maniac’s wicked vendetta?




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